Agents/Brokers FAQs

HSA Bank will request information for rejected records (due to missing or invalid information). Rejected records will open upon provision and verification of the requested data.

Group Online Enrollment (GOE): Approximately one business day after completed applications are submitted or approved.

Electronic Enrollment: Correctly formatted files will process within one business day.

Paper Applications: Generally open within two business days from the time they are received by HSA Bank.

*Enrollment files and applications must contain complete information as requested.

Per the IRS, State trust law determines when an HSA is established. Accounts are typically considered established when they are funded (i.e. when the first contribution has posted). IRS Notice 2008-59: General HSA Guidance Q&A 38 & 29.

Funding can begin as soon as accounts are open.

Checks and debit cards are mailed within five business days of account opening.

If the enrollment is tied to an established employer, these accounts will be opened in frozen status and account funding can begin. HSA Bank will then request further accountholder information. Upon receipt and verification of the required information, the accountholder will be eligible to make distributions from their HSA.

Yes. HSA Bank will provide your vendor with ACH instructions and support.

Employees may only deduct after-tax contributions that they make or that are made by a third party such as a friend or relative. They may not deduct employer contributions. HSA Bank does not offer tax advice. Please consult with a qualified tax advisor and/or refer to

A Section 125 plan is also referred to as a Cafeteria Plan. It allows deductions from employee paychecks on a pre-tax basis for certain types of healthcare benefits. Consult your tax or business advisors for more information on setting up a Cafeteria Plan.

The daily limit is the amount of money that you are allowed to move on a given day via the Employer Admin Site's contribution options. For example, if you make a contribution of $100 monthly for 30 employees, your daily limit must be at least $3,000 to ensure that the total contribution will process.

To ensure proper referral tracking, verify your agent identification number (AIN) is included on each application that should be linked to you.

  • Paper Applications – Your AIN must be included in the For Tracking Purposes section of the application.

  • Individual Online Enrollment – Your individual clients (not connected to an employer group) should use your custom Individual Online Enrollment (IOE) link or enter your AIN in the appropriate field when accessing our IOE website. 

  • Employer Groups – To ensure employer group enrollments are included in your referrals your AIN must appear on the employer sign-up form submitted to HSA Bank or simply provide your employer with the custom employer sign-up link that was provided to you in your welcome email. The link will ensure that your AIN is coded to the online sign-up when it is processed at HSA Bank.

Health Plan FAQs

We have extensive experience working with many national & regional health plans and Third Party Administrators. We offer Direct Health Plan integration as well as Tier 1 and Tier 2 support.

We work with health plan carriers to make Consumer Directed Healthcare programs as simple as possible. Our efforts and support regarding Health Saving Account administration, custodianship and banking revolve around four areas: Integration, Automation, Engagement and Communication. We offer paperless enrollment, immediate funding, electronic file feeds and automatic posting of contributions. Communications to members are also automated and made as easy as possible. Engagement is supported by HSA Bank at every step, including pre-open enrollment, open enrollment, and post-open enrollment. We also offer health plans fully branded communication materials, debit card, web site and more.

We offer a dedicated, domestic toll-free customer service phone number staffed by English and Spanish-speaking representatives during weekday and Saturday hours. Our Client Assistance Center reps receive extensive training on all CDH products for a high-level of knowledge and interaction with members. Our service level is 90% of all calls answered in 30 seconds. Real-time assistance is also available via online and mobile tools.

HSA Bank will assign a dedicated relationship manager to a carrier's key clients to work with you and the client from implementation through ongoing support.

Absolutely not. Our name, HSA Bank, is well-known in the market and pays tribute to our roots. However, we offer complete, end-to-end account-based benefit offerings, including Health Saving Account solution, Health Reimbursement Account Solution, Flexible Spending Account Solution and Premium, Wellness, Transit and other pre-tax benefits. We support long-term benefit strategy plans with a stackable prepaid benefits card, defined contribution plan solutions, mobile tools for members, education and World-class service.

Yes, we offer Fully Integrated HSA, FSA, HRA solutions supported by one card, one platform, one portal, one login, one data source, one service team, one experience. We are the bank and the administrator offering a truly one vendor solution that is empowering consumer choice.

Exchanges FAQs

First, both are marketplaces where the public and/or employees can shop for and purchase health insurance. Public exchanges have been set up by 24 states for residents of that state to buy coverage. Thirty six states have signed on to the U.S. government's exchange at to administer their exchanges.

Private exchanges are those that have been set up by what are typically larger companies for their employees to purchase coverage. The company allots a certain amount of money for an employee to purchase coverage. The employee then goes to the private exchange to shop for coverage and find a policy that will fit the employee's needs.

Many of the healthcare coverage options available on either public or private exchanges are high deductible health plans. An HSA is the perfect companion for such plans as they provide a tax-advantaged mechanism for those covered to pay for deductibles, co-pays, medication and other services and treatments that are allowed by the IRS. It is a way for those covered to fill the gap between what they must pay and what the health plan covers.

An HSA Bank HSA is portable, meaning that should an employer or other client decide to change insurance companies, they can keep their account at HSA Bank and avoid any hassle related to finding a new administrator. We work with nearly all regional health care insurers and benefit providers so that no matter which company provides the health insurance, HSA Bank will provide the HSAs.

Your clients' benefit greatly by keeping their HSAs with HSA Bank's industry leading customer service, 24/7 account accessibility and the industry's best, easy-to-use investment options.

Should your clients wish to keep their account with HSA Bank, but has purchased a health plan that has an HSA built in, they can still transfer their funds to their HSA Bank HSA once each year and keep the great service and features of their HSA Bank account.

Many feared it might have, but market – and the need – for such accounts remains strong. As health insurance costs continue to rise, the number of high deductible health insurance plans will also rise. Coinciding with that growth will be the need for HSAs. While one cannot say with certainty that regulations won't harm the HSA, we see the need and market for HSAs to continue to be strong going forward.

Benefit Consultants FAQs

When benefit professionals prescribe solutions to their clients, they appreciate the flexible offerings from HSA Bank. We provide turnkey solutions that compliment almost any benefit solution they may recommend, making HSA Bank part of the solution.

Consultants get to know HSA Bank by working with their Regional Representative. Knowledge and familiarity with our account-based benefit solutions come from the relationship with the Regional Representative, as well as from requests for proposal that we have submitted for review and from presentations we give to consultants.

Once a consultant is presented with an opportunity and has prescribed an HSA Bank solution, the Regional Representative will forward the information to the HSA Bank Marketing Team who will then create a proposal according to the specifications and information provided. The proposal is provided to the consultant for delivery to the perspective client.

Consultants can move forward with confidence that HSA Bank will serve your client well. We provide guidance from pre-enrollment, open enrollment through post-open enrollment. This guidance includes a communication plan, implementation plan and assistance through the execution of those plans. Ongoing, consultants can be proud to have recommended HSA Bank as its service is second to none.

Employer groups have found a number of benefits of working with HSA Bank, including:

  • Enrollment and Eligibility Management: Employers use our systems to integrate with our software platform to exchanging eligibility files, or enroll employees through the Employer Administration Area.

  • Employee Management: Online lookup helps employers respond to employees' questions and issues.

  • Account Funding: Multiple options are available for funding accounts, including scheduled contributions, ACH funding, and file-based contribution submission.

  • Reporting: Standard employer reports and notifications, as well as custom reports, if available, are accessible via email and/or secure, self-service Employer Administration Area.

Yes, we offer configurable Employer Self-service on our Employer Administration Area. Some of the features include: User-defined access, at division and/or functional level, plan detail and resources, employee support, enrollment management, detailed reporting, and import and ongoing data management.

For the name and contact information, visit our leadership page.