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How does inflation influence health and wealth? In our sixth annual report, we look at the decisions healthcare consumers made and the actions they took as the cost of living increased.

Importance of benefits

61% of those in Generation Z and 51% of millennials would change employers due to improved benefits.

Mental healthcare access

29% of those in Generation Z compared to just 4% of baby boomers said inflation impacts mental healthcare access.

Health plan costs

Over half (51%) of those not enrolled in a health plan said it was due to cost.

Benefits — and their cost — could make all the difference in consumer engagement. And employee retention. As baby boomers exit the workforce and the number of younger employees increases, meeting them where they are is crucial for a company benefits offering.

It's our commitment to help. This latest report shares insights and solutions employers can use to educate employees on how to manage their healthcare finances so they can balance decisions and expenses during their working years and throughout retirement.

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Our past reports

Read through our previous annual reports to see how consumers' decisions and thought patterns have changed over time.



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