Did you know that when choosing a benefits plan, each generation has unique needs and priorities? When your team is diverse in age, personalization in benefits offered1 and education on those benefits matters.

Generation Z

Mental health benefits

Programs that support diversity, equity and inclusion


Student loan repayment

Parental leave

Career advancement opportunities

Generation X

Retirement planning

Caretaker benefits

More vacation

The employer


Manufacturing & Logistics



Total HSA balances:


The opportunity

This company supports a diverse age range of employees, from recent college graduates and millennials with growing families to employees preparing for retirement. For the 2023 open enrollment period, the employer wanted to ensure their employees could make educated choices about their benefit options that fit their specific needs.

Age of employees

Initiatives that drove outcomes

HSA Bank suggested more personalized education during open enrollment to help employees better understand how an HSA can help them reach their unique goals.

  • The employer followed HSA Bank’s recommendation to implement a decision support tool for their employees.

  • HSA Bank presented a webinar explaining HSA benefits as they relate to each age group’s identified priorities and lifestages.


The outcome: Higher HSA enrollment and increased employee contributions

Education efforts coupled with decision support empowered employees to approach open enrollment with confidence to choose the right benefits plan for their lifestyle, needs and priorities.

By relating the benefits of an HSA to the unique priorities of different age groups, employees from all lifestages were able to gain a better understanding of the specific ways an HSA could benefit them — resulting in increased participation.2


increase in employees who chose an HSA

increase in healthcare savings (account balances)

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1 “What Employee Benefits Each Generation Wants.” Nov. 2021. ObsidianHR.

2 Results based on program data between Jan. 1, 2022 and May 5, 2023.