Payroll deductions are a common way for employers to bill health plan participants for insurance premiums. This method works well, but not all participants can be billed through payroll. And collecting premium payments outside of payroll is often difficult, time consuming, and stressful for employers and employees alike.

Direct Bill from HSA Bank is the solution. It’s a simple, convenient way to collect premium payments from those who aren’t on your payroll. It’s commonly used for billing retirees, employees on leave, part-time employees, and voluntary benefits, but it can be used for nearly anything that you need to bill outside of payroll. And with HSA Bank handling the administration, your company can enjoy more time for your other business needs.

How You Can Benefit

With Direct Bill services from HSA Bank, you’ll enjoy: 

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A simplified billing experience for both you and employees.

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Flexibility to manage billing in a way that best suits your needs.

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Support and expertise through every step of the process.

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More time to invest in other priorities within your organization.

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