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Easy Enrollment

Enrolling a New Employer Group

We’ve developed a 5-step process for setting up employer groups:

Complete the HSA Bank Employer Sign-up Form

Discuss Program Design

Select an Enrollment Method

Choose Contribution Method

Develop an Education and Communication Plan

A customized Employer Sign-up Form can be downloaded from the Business Relations site. This PDF is pre-filled with your AIN and will automatically link each employer group to you. If the group is set up with your AIN, all enrollments which contain that Federal Tax ID will automatically be attached to your AIN.

Your employer clients that choose the Group Online Enrollment (GOE) method will need to set up GOE through the Employee Administration Area or by contacting Business Relations.

Agent Identification Number (AIN)

When you sign up with HSA Bank you will automatically be assigned an Agent Identification Number (AIN). Your AIN is the link between you and your clients at HSA Bank. This link begins at enrollment. When you use our Individual or Group Online Enrollment methods your AIN is automatically built into your custom enrollment links. If you choose to enroll your clients using our paper application you can download a PDF that is pre-filled with your AIN and commission codes from our Business Relations site.



Enrolling Individual Clients

Our Individual Online Enrollment (IOE) system is designed to enroll your individual clients in an HSA. Find your custom IOE link, which includes your AIN and commission preferences, in your welcome email from HSA Bank or by logging in to the Business Relations site.

To enroll using IOE your clients will need to use a credit card to pay for check fees. Once the IOE form is complete your clients will be emailed a welcome kit that includes their account number, account disclosures and privacy statement.

You can also use a paper application to enroll your clients. A PDF application, pre-filled with your AIN and commission preferences, can be downloaded from the Business Relations site. Paper applications take longer to process than either of the online enrollment options. Clients who enroll using this method will receive a welcome kit in the mail within 7-10 business days of account opening.