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Filing Your Taxes


Health Savings Accounts provide great tax advantages on contributions, distributions and earnings. We'll help you manage your account by providing you with the tax-forms and instructions for your HSA-related tax filing. Each year you’ll receive a Year-end Status Report, IRS Form 1099-SA and IRS Form 5498-SA.

Forms Provided by HSA Bank

The Year-end Status Report shows your account activity for the calendar year. The information includes account balances, contributions, distributions, fees charged and earnings on the account. This report is provided for your records and is not an official tax document.

IRS Form 1099-SA provides you with the distributions made from your Health Savings Account in that tax year. You will receive a separate 1099-SA for each type of distribution made during the tax year. The five distribution types are normal, excess contribution removal, death, disability and prohibited transaction. This information is used to complete IRS Form 8889.

IRS Form 5498-SA provides you with all the contributions made to your Health Savings Account in that tax year. This information is used to complete IRS Form 8889.

Instructions for IRS Forms 1099-SA and 5498-SA

IRS Forms to Complete

IRS Form 8889 is used to report HSA contributions, distributions and your tax deductions. You will complete this form using IRS Forms 1099-SA and 5498-SA provided by HSA Bank.

Instructions for Form 8889

IRS Form 8853 is used to file Medical Savings Account (MSA) contributions and distributions if you currently have an MSA or have transferred your MSA to an HSA.

Instructions for IRS Form 8853