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How to use your HSA

We make it easy to build, access, grow and manage your HSA by providing you with a wide range of options:


Contributing funds
There are four ways to contribute funds to your HSA. You can schedule online transfers through Internet Banking; you can set up payroll deductions through your employer; you can submit a Contribution Form with a check or money order; or you can transfer/rollover funds from a from an existing HSA or MSA, or from an IRA.

Paying for IRS-qualified medical expenses
There are a number of ways you can access your HSA funds to pay for IRS-qualified medical expenses. You can pay for IRS-qualified medical expenses with a debit card or check, by setting up online transfers through Internet Banking, or by manually withdrawing funds from your HSA.

Managing your HSA Online
When you enroll in Internet Banking, you’ll have 24/7 online access to your HSA. To enroll in Internet Banking, you will need your HSA number, Social Security Number, and email address.