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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is my HSA Bank Visa® Debit Card accepted?
What if I use my card for a non-IRS-qualified medical expense?
Why doesn't my card work at certain locations?
Should I use my debit card to make a "debit" or a "credit" transaction?
What if I don't have enough funds in my HSA to purchase what I need?
Are there any limits on HSA debit card transactions?
Can I raise my daily debit card transaction limit?
Is there a maximum number of debit card transactions I can make each day?
How do I set or change my debit card Personal Identification Number (PIN)?
Who do I notify if my debit card is lost or stolen?
How do I reorder debit cards or checks?
How do I change or add an authorized signer to my HSA?
How do I correct an error in my Social Security Number, change my beneficiary or change my name due to marriage or divorce?
After I open an HSA, when will I receive my account materials and/or debit card?
How do I contribute funds to my HSA?
Are there limits to how much I can contribute to my HSA?
What's the deadline for contributing to my HSA each year?
How do I update my address, phone number, email address, statement delivery preference, password and security questions?
Can I receive electronic statements for my Health Savings Account?
Does the balance I see in Internet Banking reflect my recent transactions?
How do I sign up for Internet Banking?
Where can I find the eight-digit account number I need to sign up for Internet Banking?
I signed up for Internet Banking, why am I receiving an "invalid username" message?
I set up a transfer account, but I can't make a transfer. What should I do?
Why do I receive a blank page when I try to view my tax documents or electronic statements?