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Contributing Funds

There are four ways to contribute funds to your HSA:

Online transfers through Internet Banking. Sign up for Internet Banking to link an external checking or savings account to your HSA. Then complete an online contribution request. You can even set up recurring transfers.

Payroll deductions. If you have an employer-sponsored health plan, your employer may be able to contribute to your HSA through payroll deductions. If so, these contributions may be eligible on a pre-tax basis which decreases your taxable income. Talk to your employer for more about this option.

Check or Money Order. To ensure timely and accurate processing, please include a deposit slip from either your HSA checks or account statements, OR complete a Contribution Form.

Transfer/Rollovers. To transfer or rollover funds to your HSA from an existing HSA or MSA (Medical Savings Account), complete and submit the HSA Transfer/Rollover Request form. You must have an open account with HSA Bank to complete this transfer.

A one-time transfer can be made from an IRA subject to annual maximum contribution limits. Complete the IRA to HSA Transfer Form. Before initiating a transfer or rollover of any kind, please consult a qualified tax advisor to understand any conditions or risks that may apply.